1-Day Low-Carb Meal Plan For Weight Loss

Why Go Low-Carb?

Carbs are our body's main fuel. If you cut down on carbs, your body will start using stored fats for energy. Hello fat burn, and goodbye extra pounds!

How Many Carbs is Low-Carb?

Normally, you'd need about 300 grams of carbs per day. In a low-carb diet, you should eat no more than 150 grams, but you can go as low as 50 grams a day.

Low-Carb Diet Plan

Eager to try? Get started with this 1-day meal plan. Wholesome and mostly plant-based recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. All in 130 grams of carbs a day!


Breakfast Burrito

A filling breakfast that's full of flavour. Made with spicy mushroom "rice", cherry tomatoes, and avocado wedges. All wrapped with a zero-carb egg tortilla!

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Beet Yogurt Smoothie

Savour that burrito with this glorious low-carb smoothie. It's also packed with healthy antioxidants and filling fibres, perfect to start the day right.


Blue Chia Pudding

Pack this colourful pudding in a mason jar and stash it in your bag. When those mid-morning hunger pangs strike, you'll be all sorted. A healthy snack for a healthier you!


Cauliflower Falafels

Ready for lunch? Your lunch box will consist of three delicious foods. First, these spiced falafels made with grated cauliflowers and almond meal. Baked, not fried!


Baba Ganoush

Then, this creamy dip with chargrilled eggplants and roasted cashews. So easy to make and perfect for dipping those yummy falafels.


Avocado Coleslaw

And finally, a crunchy coleslaw with a fun Mexican twist. It's a feast of colourful veggies tossed with a lime avocado dressing instead of mayonnaise. Healthy and tasty!


Choc Chip Cookies

Want a sweet treat for snack? Have a couple of these decadent chocolate chip cookies. No worries, they're low in carbs. Tap below and discover the recipe!


Coconut Jackfruit Stew

Finally home after a long day at work. Time to rustle up a nutritious meal. This exotic stew brings together rich coconut milk, meaty jackfruit and savoury mushrooms.


Thai Cashew Stir-Fry

Round up your dinner with this fiery tofu stir-fry bursting with wonderful Thai flavours. So good you should make more and pack it for the next day!

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