10 Delicious Treats Made with Matcha

Did you know you can make the most wonderful bakes and treats using matcha powder? Here are 10 easy recipes you can try.


Matcha "Power" Brownies

Matcha powder tops up these vegan high-protein brownies with lots of antioxidants for a healthy treat you can enjoy without worries.


Super Cute Buns

You'll love these quintessentially Japanese sweets called manju. Made with matcha and anko paste. Too cute to resist!


Glorious Green Scones

Japan meets the UK in this fun and tasty twist on the classic British scones. Psst..they're also vegan and gluten-free!

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Health-Boosting Muffins

Matcha powder and raspberries turn a humble breakfast muffin into a mouth-watering treat with a blast of antioxidants. Don't miss it!


Flan with Glam

Want to impress your guests? Try this vegan matcha flan! It's as glamorous as it's easy to make.


Good-Morning Cookies

These wholesome breakfast cookies have all you need to start the day right thanks to oats, avocado, matcha, and flaxseeds. Plus chocolate for your sweet tooth!


Matcha Soufflé

Nothing is as wonderful as a fluffy soufflé popping out of its ramekin. Follow our recipe for perfect results!


Zero-Sugar Matcha Sorbet

Let the bittersweet, nutty notes of matcha powder shine in this refreshing sorbet prepared with just avocado and erythritol — keto-approved!


Pick-me-up Bars

When you need a boost of energy, these power bars come to the rescue! Easily pack nuts, seeds, berries, and oats into a portable snack — no baking needed.


Huggable Sponge Cake

Let's finish off with our incredibly fluffy matcha cake. A super-soft cake prepared with gluten-free rice and almond flour — and lots of love!

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