10 Vegan Mexican Recipes Made Healthy

From starters to desserts, your favourite Mexican recipes just got a healthy vegan makeover that's absolutely worth trying. Ready, steady, go!


Jackfruit Birria Tacos

Oh my, if you've never tried birria tacos before, you'll be blown away. They're too good! And our plant-based version with pulled jackfruit is just as tasty as the classic one.


Vegan Cotija Cheese

When it comes to making vegan cheese at home, cashew nuts are your best friends! Here, we used them to make a no-dairy version of the classic Mexican cotija — yum!



And now that you have some vegan cotija cheese ready, use it to garnish these mouthwatering grilled cobs. Dust them with chilli powder and bite in!

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Jackfruit Zucchini Enchiladas

Low-carb, gluten-free, and vegan, these veggie rolls are the perfect crowd-pleaser. They're saucy, spicy, and smoky — simply irresistible!


Black Bean Fritters

Black beans are a staple in Mexican recipes, and also a healthy source of proteins in vegan diets. Mix them with red peppers and turn them into wonderfully crispy patties!


Mexican No-Mayo Coleslaw

Looking for a yummy filling for those taco shells? Sorted! Stuff them with this crunchy coleslaw salad prepared with a clever alternative to mayo. Discover it now!


Black Beans Tortilla Chips

Here's another awesome recipe that uses black beans, this time to make some cool-looking dark tortilla chips. Whizz some guacamole and get ready for dipping!


Mexican Marzipan

Peanut marzipan is one of Mexico's most popular sweet treats. And did you know you can make it 100% sugar-free, keto, and diabetes-friendly? Tap below and learn how!



Layers of fresh mango sorbet and spicy chamoy sauce come together into a wonderful dessert. We skipped on the added sugars to give you a much healthier recipe!


Arroz Con "Leche"

Let's close our list with this delicious creamy rice pudding that bursts with aromatic cinnamon and orange. No dairy, no refined sugars, and it's ready in a flash. Don't miss it!

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