10 Wonderful Vegan Ube Recipes

Discover our top 10 recipes made with ube — a sweet yam from the Philipines with a vibrant violet flesh. Pick your favourite, and give it a go today!


Coconut Ube Smoothie

Creamy coconut yogurt and pureed purple yam come together into an exotic breakfast smoothie you'll love at first sip. Try it!


Ube Latte

Fancy a hot drink in the morning? We made this frothy violet latte to warm you up and put a big smile on your face. No colourants needed, just fresh ube.


Homemade Ube Spread

Turn fresh ube into a wonderfully creamy purple spread, perfect for your breakfast toast. It's just like butter, but much tastier — and 100% vegan.

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Purple Donuts

And now that you have ube butter at hand, you can use it in all your favourite sweets. So, how about these super cute purple donuts? Tap below and make them now!


Ube Cinnamon Rolls

These pretty pastry rolls are ready in a flash, perfect for a lazy morning. Sweet cinnamon and ube are simply meant for one another — try them and you'll agree with us!


Ube Mochi

These little balls of happiness hold a creamy heart of ube into a pillowy rice dough. If you never tried Japanese mochi before, you're in for a treat!


Ube Bread Loaf

Start your day with a smile, and a big slice of this gorgeous purple loaf. We made it extra soft and pillowy without using eggs or dairy — find out how below!


Purple Chips

Swap your bag of chips with these healthy crips, baked instead of fried. For this recipe, you can also use purple sweet potatoes which are similar to ube in taste and texture.


Ube Ginger Soup

This lovely soup celebrates the flavours of Filipino cuisine. Purple yam, ginger, and coconut milk come together into a fabulous soup worth trying.


Ube Leche Flan

Wow your friends and family with this glamorous purple flan. It's made without eggs and dairy, perfect for everyone to enjoy without worries!

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