11 Ways to Make Tofu Taste Delicious

Want to turn this humble tofu block into something utterly delicious? Here are 11 easy ways to do it!


Tofu Karaage

Let's start with a bang with these marinated and double-fried crispy tofu bites, a vegan version of the classic Japanese starter. Enjoy them piping hot with a drizzle of lemon.


Baked Tofu Teriyaki

The secret to these savoury bites is all in the glaze, a divine homemade teriyaki sauce. This time, we baked the tofu instead of frying it for a low-fat, no-fuss recipe. Try it!


Firecracker Tofu Bites

If you fancy a bolder glaze for your tofu bites, we've got you. The Chinese-style firecracker sauce is fiery, hot, and spicy — not for the faint-hearted!

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Miso-Marinated Tofu Bowl

Here, high-protein tofu cubes meet superfood miso paste — a deeply savoury, fermented soybean product rich in probiotics. Good for you and good for your belly!


Silky Corn Soup

Here's another fabulous way of using tofu. But when it comes to soups, silken tofu is your go-to choice. It blends beautifully into this bright yellow cream of corn!


Minty Tofu Filo Pie

Tofu is so versatile you can even use it as a clever alternative to cheese in pies. In this gorgeous filo pastry pie, we layered it with colourful veggies and fresh mint. So tasty!


Vegan Tofu Kugel

Grated veggies, tofu, and aromatic za'atar seasoning come together in this delicious casserole, inspired by the classic Middle Eastern dish. The whole family will love it!


Tofu Pad Woon Sen

Tofu is at its best in this wonderful Thai stir-fry dish. We paired it with crunchy peanuts, chillies, and mushrooms for a one-bowl meal bursting with amazing flavours. Don't miss it!


Crunchy California Rolls

Mix tofu with vegan garlic mayo and you've got a delicious filling for these vegan California maki. Tap below and learn how to make the perfect sushi rolls!


Lemon Pepper Tofu Nuggets

Zesty lemon and spicy black pepper are all you need to add flavour to these crispy tofu nuggets. Great for nibbling and perfect for sharing.


Creamy Courgette Risotto

Let's close our list with this deliciously creamy dairy-free risotto. How did we make it so creamy? With blended silken tofu of course! Give it a go, and we're sure you'll love it.

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