5 Healthy Recipes to Celebrate Cherry Season

Glorious Cherries

Sweet, juicy, and with a hint of tartness, cherries are one of the best summer fruits. They're great on their own and even better added to delicious recipes!

Cherries in the Kitchen

This colourful fruit is so versatile you can use it in jams and desserts, but also in bakes like muffins, tarts, and cakes. And don't forget smoothies and salads!

5 Recipe Ideas

So, head to the market and get hold of some fresh cherries. We'll show you 5 easy ways to use this wonderful fruit in healthy and delicious recipes!


Cherry Madeira Cake

This moreish cherry cake is perfect for an afternoon tea or a coffee morning. Made with almond flour and flavoured with just a hint of lemon. It won't last long!

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Cherry and Cashew Fruit Salad

Looking for a super quick recipe idea? You can put together this summer fruit salad in minutes. Top it with caramelised cashews with a sweet and crunchy finish!


Sugar-Free Cherry Jam

The best way to celebrate the season's harvest? Preparing a homemade cherry ham, of course! Use sweet cherries to skip the sugar and flaxseeds as a natural thickener.


Healthy Cherry Parfait

What if breakfast could look and taste like a dessert? Well, dream no more. This cherry parfait with chocolate muesli is a cute, fun, and yet healthy breakfast idea you must try!


Cherry Buns

Inspired by the British Chelsea buns, these vegan fruit buns have a rich yeast dough and a tangy lemon curd filling. Skip the glacé cherries and go with the fresh ones!

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