9 Breakfast Loaves For a Good Morning


Make your breakfast extra special with these wonderful breakfast loaves, packed with fruits, nuts, and other wholesome ingredients. Pick your favourite and give it a go!


Almond Milk Choc Chip Banana Bread

Let's start with an all-time favourite, the glorious banana bread! Try our uber-healthy vegan spin that cuts back on fats and sugars while adding up on fibres.

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Plantain Walnut Bread

For a Caribbean twist, make your banana bread with ripe plantains instead— they're delicious! Add a handful of walnuts for a crunchy finish.

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Apple Raisin Bread

This breakfast loaf is as wholesome as it gets. It will fuel your day with plant-based goodness and yet satisfy your sweet tooth with juicy apples and raisins. Don't miss it!


Marbled Chocolate Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin puree is a great alternative to butter and oils in bakes. Here, we paired it with warming spices and dark chocolate for a glorious breakfast loaf.

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Purple Ube Loaf

Crusty outside and fluffy inside, this wonderful breakfast loaf owes its violet colour to purple yam butter. It's super easy to make and simply irresistible!


Pumpkin Babka

This beautiful sweet bread is a colourful, plant-based variation of the classic Polish loaf. Follow our recipe tips to weave a picture-perfect braid!

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Cherry Madeira Loaf

Juicy cherries take this breakfast loaf to next-level goodness. And you'll be happy to know our recipe has no eggs, butter, or refined sugars. Super!


Gluten-Free Brioche

Rich and fluffy, brioche is the quintessential breakfast bread. Here, we give you a dairy-free and gluten-free alternative made with coconut oil. Give it a go!

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Chocolate Krantz Cake

Let's finish our list with this gorgeous sweet bread, swirled with an indulgent filling of dark chocolate and dates. So yummy!

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