Are Oatmeal Cookies Healthy?

Are Oat Cookies Healthy?

Just because they have oats, oatmeal cookies are often considered healthier than other cookies. But are they really good for you?

What's in Oat Cookies?

Despite having those good oats, oatmeal cookies can still contain unhealthy ingredients like sugar, syrups, butter, and palm fat.

Not Quite Perfect

So, even if they have slightly more fibre, oatmeal cookies are still not the healthiest alternative to regular sugar cookies.

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Healthify The Recipe

So, how can you make oat cookies truly healthy? Easy: prepare them from scratch with these 3 clever recipe tweaks!


Use Nut Butter

Peanut butter has 30% fewer fats than dairy butter, plus healthy proteins and fibres. So, try it in the recipe below with zucchini and blueberries!


Add Bananas

Swap refined sugar with banana for an all-natural sweetness. Get the ripest one, mash it, and add it to these wholesome cookies!


Boost It Up

And finally, power up our oat cookies with health boosters, like flax seeds, berries, matcha, or bran. Here's a great recipe to start!

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