8 Awesome Ways to Use Chia Seeds


Tiny but mighty, chia seeds are a blast of fibres, omega-3, and plant-based proteins. If don’t eat them already, try them in these 8 healthy recipes that are easy to add to your diet.

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Creamy Chia Oatmeal

Chia seeds have the power to absorb liquids and form a thick gel. So why not add a spoonful of chia seeds to your next breakfast porridge for extra creaminess? Give it a go!


Breakfast Pink Smoothie

Chia seeds are the perfect add-on to a healthy smoothie for extra texture and nutrients. Try them in this raspberry and beet smoothie for a blast of fibres!


Homemade Power Balls

Chia seeds give these carrot cake energy balls a boost of proteins and fibres, sure to keep hunger at bay and make you full for longer. Bye-bye cravings!

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Chia Pudding Parfait

Making chia pudding is ridiculously easy! Layer it with fresh fruit and chopped nuts to create a delicious breakfast parfait that's as pretty as good for you.


Super-Gooey Brownies

Soaked chia seeds form a gel that works as a fabulous egg replacement in vegan bakes. Put them into action in these gooey high-protein brownies — tasty and healthy!


Superfood Salad Dressing

Thicken sauces and dressings with the power of chia seeds. Here, we blitz them with blueberries and lime for a low-fat salad dressing rich in antioxidants. Don't miss it!

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Chia Cabbage Fritters

In these fritters, chia seeds and chickpea flour replace the classic eggs whilst providing lots of nutrients. Make a big batch and stack them in your next lunch salad!

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Chia Cauliflower Falafels

These little balls of goodness burst with Mediterranean flavours and make the perfect topping to a healthy salad bowl. You'll love them!

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