8 Best Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss

These 8 breakfast foods will help you stay full and energised for long, curb cravings and avoid snacking. Build your meal around them or check out our recipe ideas!


Chia Seeds

These tiny seeds pack tons of fibres. And fibres take a lot of space in your gut. With two spoonfuls of chia seeds for breakfast, you'll feel full till lunchtime!



Berries are the best fruits for weight loss. They're low in sugars, have very few calories, and yet they're so satisfying when you crave something sweet.

Breakfast Idea #1

This blueberry chia pudding takes just 5 minutes to make. It's so pretty, healthy, and delicious, perfect for starting the day right!

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Wholewheat Bread

Even if you're on a diet, carbs are still important. Rich in complex carbs and fibres, wholemeal bread for breakfast helps release energy slowly. Bye-bye energy crashes!



Beans are cheap and versatile. They give a nice boost of proteins and fibres to your breakfast. This means you'll stay satiated for hours — no snacking!

Breakfast Idea #2

Not sure how to eat beans for breakfast? Start with this savoury toast. Saucy pinto beans with wholewheat sourdough and baby spinach. Easy and healthy!



Nuts are a concentrate of fibre, healthy fats, and plant-based proteins — all nutrients that promote fullness, helping you reach your weight goals.



Oats are a classic breakfast food. They're not just practical and delicious, but good for weight loss too. That's all thanks to their impressive amount of soluble fibres!

Breakfast Idea #3

Ever tried a smoothie bowl for breakfast? You can build your own using oats, nuts, fruit, and yogurt. Or tap below and get inspired with our quick recipe!


Green Tea

Green tea is a fabulous fat burner. Having a cup of green tea in the morning will kick start your metabolism, and put you in a good mood too!



If you work out, eating proteins at breakfast is great for losing weight and building muscles too. Here's where yogurt comes to the rescue—try Greek, low-fat or soy yogurt!

Breakfast Idea #4

You can never go wrong with a green smoothie for breakfast. This one combines matcha green tea powder with yogurt and kiwi. Whizz it in a flash and have a great day!

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