6 Perfect Breakfasts to Lose Belly Fat

Start the Day Right

Shedding off belly fat starts with having the right foods for breakfast. Here are 6 perfect recipes to add to your mornings!


Peanut & Chai Chia Pudding

This chai-spiced pudding delivers fibres, proteins, and omega-3 to curb hunger and boost metabolism — and tastes just like a chai latte!


Low-Sugar Berry Kale Smoothie

Sugar is belly fat’s worst enemy. So, swap sugary juices with this low-carb smoothie. As delicious as good for you!

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Green Power Smoothie Bowl

Want something more filling than a smoothie? Try this oat spinach smoothie bowl, brilliant for belly fat loss!


Walnut Strawberry Porridge

High-fibre foods like oat porridge increase fullness and reduce calorie absorption. Top it with berries and nuts for perfection!


Matcha Yoghurt Oat Pots

Prefer the convenience of overnight oats? Then, boost them with fat-burning green tea powder and gut-loving soy yoghurt.


Hazelnut Brown Rice Bars

Stash a couple of these energy bars in your bag for a healthy breakfast on the go. No refined sugars, just fruit, nuts, and puffed rice!

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