6 Best High-Fibre Beans For Weight Loss

Fibres For Weight Loss

Did you know beans come with tons of fibres? Fibres have the power to fill you up for hours and curb cravings without adding calories. So, eating more of them is key to weight loss!

Some beans have so many fibres that one serving can cover over half of your daily fibres! A real fibre blast, perfect to kick-start your weight loss. Curious to know which ones?

Top 6 High-Fibre Beans

So, here they are! The top 6 high-fibre beans to lose weight, ranked from low to high according to serving size. And each comes with a yummy recipe idea!



Let's start with lentils. Not just rich in fibres, lentils are also one of the legumes with the most proteins. One more reason to add them to your diet!

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Lentil Pancakes

And lentils are also super versatile! You can even use them to make these fluffy breakfast pancakes. Delicious, yet diet-friendly. Swipe up and grab the recipe!



Next on our list are chickpeas. These awesome beans are full of flavour, so cheap, and of course rich in fibres. So, roast, stew, or mash them and get your fibre fix!

Quick Chickpea Pasta Salad

Here's a quick way to use chickpeas and level up your lunch with lots of fibres. All you need are canned beans and our easy recipe below! Try it!


Mung Beans

In position 4 we have mung beans. Tiny but mighty, these legumes are a staple in Asian cuisines. And because they're so rich in fibres, they should be a staple in your diet too!

Baked Mung Bean Falafels

First time cooking mung beans? Start with this fun recipe. It's an Asian twist on the classic falafels recipe, so tasty you might even like it more than the original!


Black Beans

Black beans grab third place. They pack tons of fibres, almost 70% of your daily needs per cup. And they're rich in precious antioxidants too. It can't get healthier than this!

Healthy Black Bean Brownies

After lentil pancakes, here's another way to use beans in sweet recipes. This time to make ultra fudgy brownies. No sugar, no butter, no nasties — 100% healthy!


Split Peas

Before we unveil our number one, we've got yellow split peas snatching second place. They're simply awesome in soups and stews for a blast of filling fibres!

Jamaican Split Pea Soup

Like in this colourful Jamaican stew! Veggies, beans, and buckwheat dumplings join forces to give you a fibre-loaded meal. Tip in some scotch bonnets for a fiery finish!


White Beans

And finally here are the beans with the most fibres ever: white beans, aka navy beans. They might look humble, but they come with a whopping 20 grams of fibres per cup. Wow!

White Bean Beet Hummus

One last recipe idea for you! A colourful twist on the classic hummus, made with beets, walnuts, and white beans. Simple, yet incredibly healthy and tasty! Don't miss it!

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