7 Best High-Fibre Fruits For Weight Loss

High-Fibre Fruits Benefits

Eating fruit helps satisfy sweet cravings when you're on a diet. And if you choose fruits that are high-fibre you'll also feel full for longer and prevent blood sugar spikes.

Best High-Fibre Fruits

We took the 7 best high-fibre fruits and ranked them according to their fibre count in 100 grams. Ready for the countdown? And don't miss our recipe ideas!



With a good 2 grams of fibres per 100 grams, we placed strawberries in position 7. These colourful berries are delicious, satisfying, and low in sugars too.

Fruity Recipe Idea #1

If you like to start your day with a bowl of oatmeal, this strawberry porridge is a must. It's fruity, nutritious, and a breeze to make. Swipe up and check out the recipe!

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With 2.3 grams of fibres, oranges reach position 6 in our list. Sorry folks, orange juice won't cut it! It's the white pith in the whole fruit that levels up those fibres.



Right after oranges, here are the glorious apples. Keep the peel on and you'll get even more fibres. Thought apples would rank higher? Let's find out which fruits beat them!

Fruity Recipe Idea #2

But first, here's a quick breakfast idea that makes the most of apples. It's so creamy, filling, and nutritious. It's called bircher muesli. Give it a shot!



Of course, we couldn't miss bananas. One banana packs almost 3 grams of fibres and gets to position 4. It's a great filler between meals, but also a versatile fruit for many recipes!



Ready for the top 3 fruits? Pears snatch third place. One humble pear can pack a fabulous 5 grams of fibres. So, head to the market and pop them in the basket!

Fruity Recipe Idea #3

This fruity breakfast bread is so diet-friendly. All thanks to fibre-loaded pears, bananas, and oats. So, serve yourself a slice and enjoy it without worries!



Small but mighty, blackberries reach second place. With a whopping 7 grams of fibres per serving, these delicious berries are a must for dieters!



And finally, raspberries win the race with an incredible 8 grams of fibres per cup. That's almost a third of your daily fibres. And all with very few calories!

Fruity Recipe Idea #4

We kept the best for last. It's a 5-minute smoothie recipe that bursts with tons of fibres, so good and incredibly filling. Spoiler alert: it's got raspberries!

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