Top 3 High-Protein Nuts that Aren't Peanuts

Peanuts aren't the only protein-rich nuts out there. Here are 3 other amazing nuts that are also bursting with proteins — discover them all!



With 5 grams of protein per serving, cashews are a great alternative to peanuts. Blend them into soups or add them to a fragrant stir-fry!

Recipe Idea #1

Here's a delicious recipe you can try today: a Thai stir-fry with roasted cashews, seared tofu, and spicy chilli sauce. Divine!

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Next are pistachios. They're not just packed with proteins but also have the highest amount of antioxidants among all nuts. Wow!

Recipe Idea #2

Turn pistachios into a super-healthy pesto perfect for this fresh pasta salad with broad beans and olives. Your lunch box is sorted!



And finally, our number one: almonds. Imagine a handful of these delicious nuts comes with as many proteins as one large egg!

Recipe Idea #3

So, why not add some crunchy almonds to your next breakfast toast? Try them with our turmeric mushroom topping!

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