The 5 Best Legumes Every Healthy Diet Should Have


Eating more legumes is an easy step you can take to make your diet healthier. We picked the best 5 legumes to get you started — plus 5 easy recipes you can try today!



Green or brown, whole or split, lentils are one of the best legumes out there — especially for folks who want to top up their diet with iron and proteins.

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Lebanese Lentil Mujaddara

Stir-fry lentils with brown rice and aromatic spices in this quick Lebanese dish. And top it off with deliciously caramelised onions for a sweet finish!



Nothing makes your diet healthier than eating more fibres. And chickpeas have loads of them. So, roast, stew, or mash those chickpeas and get your fibre fix!

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Chickpea Okra Stew

This wonderful Middle Eastern stew combines chickpeas with okra, a fibre-rich veggie. Use canned chickpeas for a zero-hassle, speedy recipe!


Black Beans

The same pigments that make these beans black are also powerful antioxidants, called anthocyanins. They fight off nasty free radicals, preventing a variety of diseases.

Orange & Black Bean Stew

Black beans are a staple legume in South American cuisine. So, try them out in this irresistible Brazilian feijoada with black kale and fresh oranges.



Soybeans are so nutritionally dense they can easily replace meat in vegan diets. And because soy products are so versatile, you can cook almost anything with them!

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Spicy Kale Edamame Bowl

Here's a super quick and easy edamame salad you can pack in your next lunch box. Season it with our sweet and spicy dressing and enjoy!

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Peanuts are technically legumes. And because they're rich in heart-healthy unsaturated fats, they made it into this list. And who doesn't love some roasted peanuts anyway?

Peanut Banana Cookies

You can use peanut butter as a butter alternative in healthy bakes. Give it a go in these wholesome breakfast cookies with cranberries and bananas.

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