Best Pre & Post Workout Smoothies

Having a nutritious smoothie before or after exercising can help you energise and recover faster, helping you make the most out of your next workout.

Pre-Workout Smoothies

When you need energy to power through that gym session, carbohydrates are your body's favourite fuel. We rounded up 3 healthy smoothies to rev you up before a workout!


Mango Oat Smoothie

Simple sugars from mangos will give you instant energy, while slow energy-releasing carbs from oats will keep you running for long. It's the best combo to hit your training goals!


Green Matcha Smoothie

This fabulous green smoothie packs a real energy punch thanks to matcha powder. Tip in kiwi and pear for a sweet, fruity finish and sip it on the go!

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Raspberry Chia Smoothie

This delicious pink smoothie combines quick-digesting carbs with lots of filling fibres and proteins. This means you'll get a steady energy release throughout your gym routine!

Post-Workout Smoothies

When you're done exercising, it's important you refuel and rebuild muscle quickly. These next 3 smoothies have the perfect combo of proteins and carbs to help you recover fast.


Tofu Blueberry Smoothie

High-protein silken tofu and almond butter make this smoothie our go-to choice when we need to recover from a hard workout. And blueberries make it taste so good!


Cinnamon Peanut Smoothie

Inspired by the famous Jamaican peanut punch, this delicious smoothie is sure to feed those protein-hungry muscles! Add in oats for a healthy dose of complex carbs.


Beet Yogurt Smoothie

If you want a post-workout smoothie that's also low in sugars, this one is for you. Thanks to chia seeds and soy yogurt, you'll meet your protein needs with minimum carbs.

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