Top 7 Roots For an Absolute Health Boost

Natural Health Boosters

Root vegetables are cheap, easy to find, and versatile. And you'll be surprised to know that some of them are also amazing health boosters!

Top 7 Roots

From weight loss to immunity, these roots can step up your health and help you feel at your best. Here are the top 7 roots you should add to your diet, plus recipe ideas to try!


Turmeric For Mood

Laden with antioxidants, ground turmeric root is a powerful all-around health booster. And it's especially good for fighting back stress, low mood, and anxiety!

Turmeric Hot Chocolate

So, beat the blues with turmeric instead of giving into a candy bar. Tip this golden spice into our homemade hot chocolate and unwind. So soothing and so healthy!

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Ginger For Healing

As powerful as turmeric, ginger is another root that's too good to miss. Fresh or dried, it works as a tonic for your joints, heart, immunity, and gut. Simply put, it can do it all!


Potatoes For Weight Loss

Boiled, cooled potatoes develop resistant starches, carbs that resist digestion and work like fibres, filling you up for long and curbing hunger. Cool, right?!

Spiced Lebanese Potato Salad

So, go ahead and make a big batch of this Levantine potato salad. A tasty mix of baby potatoes, high-fibre chickpeas, and crunchy veggies. Grab the recipe below!


Garlic For Immunity

Did you know the chemical that makes garlic taste "garlicky" is also an immunity booster? So, add a couple of crushed garlic cloves to your dishes to fight off cold and flu!


Beets For Blood Pressure

This root is so powerful that within a few hours of eating a beet, your blood pressure starts to drop! That's thanks to compounds called nitrates which help relax blood vessels.

Superfood Beet Smoothie

And you know what else has got nitrates? Kale! So, whizz beets and kale into a revitalising smoothie. Tip in a few dates for natural sweetness and enjoy!


Onions For Sugar Balance

Want two more reasons to love those caramelised onions? First, onions are a low-calorie, non-starchy root. Second, they'll keep your blood sugars in check for hours!


Carrots For Healthy Skin

Last but not least, carrots! These crunchy roots are packed with antioxidants, like vitamin C and beta-carotene. They protect your skin from the sun and give it a young-looking glow!

Daal & Carrot Kosambari

One last recipe idea for you! It's a fresh Indian salad with grated carrots, sweet mango, and yellow daal — all ingredients bursting with vitamin A!

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