5 Best Smoothies for Low Iron

Iron-Rich Smoothies

If you're low in iron, sipping an iron-rich smoothie can increase your daily intake and boost your vitality!

How to Get Iron in Smoothies

Whizz high-iron greens, seeds, and soy milk with vitamin C-rich fruits to boost absorption. We’ve put them together for you in 5 recipes!


Spinach Kiwi Smoothie

A spinach smoothie is the best for iron deficiency. Blend it with soy yoghurt for extra iron and kiwi for vitamin C.

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Pumpkin Seed Tofu Smoothie

Silken tofu adds iron to your smoothie and makes it nicely creamy. Round it up with iron-rich pumpkin seeds or seed butter!


Flax & Kale Smoothie

Kale is another brilliant source of iron for smoothies—here, perfectly paired with flaxseeds and soy yoghurt for an iron blast!


Grapefruit & Greens Smoothie

This recipe features an iron-boosting combo of beet greens and grapefruit. All layered on chia yoghurt pudding as a plus!


Mango Chocolate Smoothie

Chocolate and almond butter are great for iron deficiency—divine in this tasty iron smoothie with vitamin C-rich mango!

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