Top 5 Spices for Weight Loss

If you think the perfect weight loss meal is just a green salad with rice and beans, you're missing out on some crucial ingredients: fat-burning spices!

Spices are great for adding flavour without extra calories. And some of them can also help you burn fat, fight cravings, and curb hunger. A nice boost for your diet!

Best Weight-Loss Spices

Curious to know which ones? We rounded the top 5 weight-loss spices that shouldn't miss in your spice rack. Plus, easy and healthy recipe ideas to make the most out of them!


Fiery Chillies

Hot chillies open our list with a bang! If you like spicy foods, you'll be happy to know chillies temporarily speed up your metabolism making you burn more calories. That's hot!

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan


Spicy Tofu Bites

So, don't be shy with those chillies! Chop them up and add them to this sweet and spicy Asian stir-fry with high-protein tofu. Grab the recipe below!


Zingy Ginger

Next is mighty ginger. A powerful health booster, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant, ginger also gets a thumb-up for weight loss. Why? It curbs hunger and boosts fat burning!


Sweet Cinnamon

If nasty cravings are derailing your diet plan, give cinnamon a go. This wonderful spice is well known to rebalance blood sugars, preventing cravings and unhealthy snacking!

Spiced Hot Chocolate

Ok now, it's time to put together a diet-friendly hot chocolate! Out with the sugar, and in with the spices. Try our homemade chai spice blend — so tasty, and good for you!


Golden Turmeric

Back onto our list with turmeric, a golden spice that's simply too healthful to miss. From boosting fat loss to decreasing belly fat, turmeric can do it all in just 1 teaspoon a day!

...with Black Pepper

But, don't forget to pair turmeric with black pepper to reap all these health benefits! It's like a superhero with its sidekick — stronger together!

Turmeric Mango Lassi Oats

Eager to try this awesome combo? Head to our recipe and make this brilliant breakfast oatmeal. It's a fun and healthy twist on the famous Indian lassi drink!


Earthy Cumin

And finally, here's cumin, a spice known to stabilise blood sugars and reduce fat storage. So eating more of it can speed up your weight loss!

Sweet Potato Vindaloo

This hearty Indian curry combines all the best fat-burning spices with high-protein lentils and fibre-rich sweet potatoes. So now you have it: the perfect weight loss meal!

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