Best Time to Eat Fruit for Weight Loss

When Should You Eat Fruit?

Delicious and nutritious, fruit is good for you any time of the day. But if you want to lose weight, there's actually an ideal time to eat it.

3 Fruit-Timing Tips

And it’s not just about when you eat fruit, but also how. So, here are 3 top tips to follow — plus healthy recipe ideas to try!


Eat Fruit 20 min Before a Meal

Having a piece of fruit before lunch or dinner helps curb hunger, so you’ll crave less of other high-calorie foods!

Recipe Idea #1

So, enjoy a fresh, juicy apple or munch on crunchy fruit chips like these healthy air-fried banana chips!

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan


Add Fruit to Your Meals

High-fibre fruits make your meal more filling, helping you stay satiated for longer. Try berries, apples, or oranges in salads, roasts, or stews!

Recipe Idea #2

And if you haven’t discovered grilled peaches yet, tap below for a mind-blowing summer lunch salad!


Don’t Eat Fruit on Its Own

If you’re having fruit as a snack, pair it with nuts or yogurt. They balance it with proteins and fats, preventing fat-storing blood sugar spikes!

Recipe Idea #3

For example, you could have a wholesome fruit and nut bar or whizz this quick green smoothie with kiwi and yogurt!

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