5 Best Vegan Sources of Zinc for Immunity

Immunity Boost

Don't want to catch a cold? Make your diet higher in zinc, an essential mineral to build immunity. Here are the top 5 vegan sources!



Among all nuts, cashews pack the most zinc: just a handful a day can help cover your daily needs. And next is a tasty recipe idea!

Matcha Cashew Spread

Make an immunity-boosting spread for your morning toast with cashews and green tea powder. Swipe up, and we'll show you how!



Great for your heart, gut, and blood sugars, oats are a real wonder. And yes, they're also good for your immune system!

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Dark Chocolate

Chocolate for immunity? You'll be surprised to know that dark chocolate 70%-85% comes with a good dose of zinc. Cool!


Pumpkin Seeds

You can top up your zinc intake with a good sprinkle of crunchy pumpkin seeds on a salad, soup, or muesli pot. Easy!

Immunity Muesli Parfait

And talking of muesli, here's a brilliant immunity-boosting brekkie idea: a layered parfait with oats, dark chocolate, and pumpkin seeds!



Beans are another amazing plant-based source of zinc, and chickpeas are some of the best. Check out our wintery recipe idea next!

Chickpea Kale Winter Soup

Chickpeas join forces with vitamin C-rich kale to give you the ultimate immunity soup for this winter. Cosy up to a big bowl!

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