4 Booster Foods to Lose Belly Fat

Kick-Start Your Weight Loss

Besides moving more and eating healthier, these 4 belly fat-burning foods can help you lose weight faster. Discover them all!


Green Tea

Caffeine and special antioxidants in green tea are amazing boosters for your metabolism: you'll start burning more fat, including belly fat!

Matcha Power Smoothie

So, have a few cups of green tea a day or tip a teaspoon of concentrated green tea powder (AKA matcha) into this green smoothie!



Yogurt is rich in probiotics: these gut-friendly bacteria are good for your health in so many ways, including helping with weight loss!

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Yogurt Brekkie Pots

Low-calorie and high-protein, yogurt is also the perfect breakfast food. So, top up these overnight oats with a nice dollop of yogurt!


Chia Seeds

These tiny seeds are bursting with fibres and good omega-3 fats. They curb hunger and boost metabolism, helping you shed belly fat!

Strawberry Chia Pudding

One tablespoon of chia seeds a day is all you need. Mix them with milk or yogurt to make a healthy chia pudding like this one!


Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar works wonders against belly fat: it curbs hunger, burns fat and prevents its storage. All with just one tablespoon!

Vinegar Tahini Dressing

And the best way to have it is added to salads as dressing. Like in this healthy one below!

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