6 Easy Breakfast Ideas to Balance Hormones

Are Your Hormones Off?

When hormones are out of whack, you may feel hungrier, anxious, or gain weight. But, some foods can help you rebalance!

Hormone-Balancing Diet

Eat more foods rich in fibres, proteins, and prebiotics, and minimise sugars. Here are 6 easy breakfast ideas to get you started!


Raspberry Oat Smoothie

This berry smoothie comes with lots of fibres and prebiotics which activate fullness hormones and bring insulin back on track!


Carrot Cake Chia Balls

These sweet bites are small but powerful: oats, chia seeds, and nuts are amazing hormone-balancing ingredients. So, make a big batch!

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3-Seed Power Cookies

These wholesome breakfast cookies draw their power from omega-3-rich seeds and prebiotic oats. And don't have any added sugar!


Beany Morning Toast

If you like a savoury toastie for breakfast, try this one. Its hunger-stopping proteins and gut-boosting fibres are what your hormones need!


Peanut Quinoa Porridge

And if you're a porridge lover instead, this recipe is a must. Every single ingredient is there to restore your hormones' natural balance!


Strawberry Protein Pudding

This brekkie pot has a fabulous combo of 5 mighty ingredients to help you start the day at your best. And you can prep it ahead!

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