Buckwheat vs Oat: Which One Is Better?

Healthy and nutritious, buckwheat and oat have gained the reputation of superfoods. They are some of the best whole grains you could add to your diet.

Challenge of The Super Grains

But is one better than the other? We put the two super grains head to head and compared their nutritional profile and health benefits. Want to know who won? Let's find out!

Glorious Oats

But first, what are oats? These golden flakes are made from rolling out oat groats, the whole grain form of oats. Lightly sweet and earthy, they're often used to make oatmeal.

Buckwheat Groats

And what about buckwheat? These groats are actually seeds but used like grains, hence called pseudocereals. They have a strong and nutty flavour, similar to rye.

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Carbs Challenge

Ok, first challenge: complex carbs, sugars, and fibres. Both grains pack healthful fibres, but oats have fewer sugars and carbs than buckwheat. So, oat wins this round!

Recipe Idea #1

High in fibres and low in sugars, oats are great to fight mood swings and cravings. So why not bake these healthy oat cookies for breakfast? Grab the recipe below!


Protein Challenge

Next are proteins. Oat has a few more proteins, but buckwheat proteins are complete, meaning they provide all 9 essential amino acids. So, buckwheat wins this round!


Fats Challenge

For this one, the winner is quite straightforward. With half the fats and saturated fats, buckwheat groats take over oats. So, buckwheat leads with a score of 2:1.

Recipe Idea #2

Eating more proteins and fewer fats is key to weight loss. So, a healthy buckwheat salad for lunch can help you with that. This one is ready in 30 min and perfect for meal prep!


Macros Challenge

A good balance of nutrients (macros ratio) means a healthier diet and weight. And oats have a more balanced ratio of carbs, fats, and proteins than buckwheat. One point to oats!


Nutrients Challenge

We talked about macros, but what about micronutrients? Buckwheat provides B vitamins, but oat has almost twice the calcium, iron, zinc, and selenium. So, oats take the lead!

Recipe Idea #3

When put together, these two grains pack a nutrient punch. So, why not pair them in this healthy homemade granola? With sweet apricots and crunchy hazelnuts. Yum!


Convenience Challenge

Healthy foods are not all about nutrition but also how easily you can fit them into your daily diet. For us, oats are cheaper, more practical and more versatile than buckwheat.

And the Winner is...

Buckwheat was a worthy opponent, but oats win the match with a score of 4-2. Eager to add more oats to your diet? Tap below and discover lots of fun ways to do it!

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