Can You Have Pancakes on a Diet?

A Breakfast Favourite

Delicious, warm, and fluffy pancakes: everyone loves them. But can you have them if you're on a diet? Let's find out!

Not Diet-Perfect, But...

Sadly, classic pancakes aren't the best breakfast food for a healthy diet as they're carb-rich and lack fibre. But wait, don't despair!

Healthify The Recipe

With the right ingredients, you can make pancakes more balanced, filling and nutritious — and include them in your diet. Here's how!


Boost The Fibres

Start by levelling up the fibre count. You can do so by using wholesome flours: think oat, buckwheat, or whole wheat flour!

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan


Healthy Recipe Idea

And if you need a high-fibre flour combo to start with, try our mix of buckwheat and oat. Super healthy. Tap below and give it a go!


Add Proteins

Next, up the proteins — essential for weight loss and healthy eating. So, top pancakes with protein-rich yogurt, peanuts, and chia seeds!


Healthy Recipe Idea

You can even make high-protein pancakes using soaked lentils in the batter. Try them in our fully vegan, gluten-free recipe below!


Out With Syrups

And finally, swap maple syrup with fresh or frozen berries to keep the sugars in check and get extra fibres. Healthy pancakes are served!

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