Carb Pairing: Best Combos to Lower Blood Sugars

What’s Carb Pairing?

Eating carbs together with a source of protein, fats, or fibre prevents blood sugar spikes and makes your meal more nutritionally balanced.

Food Pairings to Lower Sugars

Here are 6 ways to combine carb-rich foods for sugar control, plus healthy recipe ideas you can easily try today!


Oats + Yogurt

Pairing healthy fats with starchy foods balances blood sugars. So, top your morning oatmeal with a dollop of yogurt and a handful of seeds!


Fruit + Nut Butter

When you make a smoothie, add a spoonful of nut butter to curb sugar spikes from fruit. Try our healthy green apple smoothie below!

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Potatoes + Beets

You can keep blood sugars from spiking by adding high-fibre vegetables to your meal. For example, try beets in a potato salad!


Pasta + Broccoli

Or add fibre-rich broccoli to pasta. Here’s a tasty way to sneak them in: puree broccoli into a creamy pasta sauce!


Toast + Beans

As protein foods keep insulin in check, a toast topped with beans won’t spike your blood sugar as much as if eaten alone. Easy!


Rice + Beans

The same goes for rice when eaten with beans. It’s as easy as adding a can of beans to a risotto, biryani, or this healthy jollof rice!

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