7 Cleansing Green Smoothies for Detox


Cucumber Ginger Smoothie

This uber-healthy green juice combines alkalizing ginger and cucumber with low sugar kiwis. You'll feel like new!


Parsley Coconut Smoothie

This light and refreshing green smoothie bursts with antioxidants, fibres, and electrolytes which help your body detoxify naturally.


Avocado Grape Smoothie

Avocados boost this green smoothie with cleansing fibres and healthful antioxidants, while grapes satisfy your sweet tooth naturally.

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Kiwi Matcha Smoothie

With loads of fibres from kiwi and probiotics from yogurt, this green smoothie is bliss for your gut health. Add matcha for an energy kick!


Spinach Oat Smoothie

Mix antioxidants from spinach with soluble fibres from oats and you got yourself a glass of raw health.


Watermelon Kale Smoothie

Because it's 90% water, watermelon is a real hydration booster; great to flush away toxins. And you can also carve a cup out of it!


Watercress Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberries and watercress contain potent antioxidants which help your body get rid of nasty free radicals — and they taste delicious together!

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