12 Colourful Roots Recipes To Brighten Up Your Day


Vegan Pigs in a Blanket

Here's a super fun (and vegan) twist on the classic British nibble, made with rainbow carrots instead of sausages. So good!


Purple Sweet Potato Chips

Forget those fried potato chips, and make a big batch of these healthy purple chips instead—baked not fried, and full of antioxidants!


Beetroot Latte

There's nothing as pretty and colourful as this pink beet latte, sure to put a big smile on your face on a cold winter day!


Two-Tone Ring Soup

Turn a humble red cabbage and sweet potato into a colourful work of art — so easy to make and sure to impress!

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Purple Yam Smoothie

Whizz this pretty purple smoothie in flash and slurp it with joy. You won't believe how deliciously creamy this is!


Carrot Cake Bites

These colourful bites pack the delight of a slice of carrot cake into a handy snack — and they're so healthy!


Beet Barley Risotto

Use mashed beetroots to make a cute pink sauce for this creamy risotto, perfect for a romantic dinner!


Boureki Pie

This glorious filo pie with sliced zucchini and sweet potatoes makes a tasty family meal sure to please everyone!


Purple Yam Ginger Soup

Bring exotic flavours right to your plate with this wonderful purple soup. It's sweet, fresh, and irresistibly creamy!


Carrot Kosambari

This fresh Indian salad is a wonderful feast of colours and flavours — great as a side or light meal and ready in just 10 minutes!


Beet Potato Salad

This rainbow salad packs lots of colourful veggies and it's a breeze to make. Try it with our vegan cashew mayo for a plant-based spin!


Sweet Potato Vindaloo

Tip sweet potato chunks into this hearty lentil curry for a pop of colour and extra creaminess. Careful, it's hot!

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