Craving Chocolate? Try These 8 Healthy Recipes

We rounded up 8 healthier ways of getting your fix when chocolate cravings strike. Ready to discover them? Let's go!


Cashew & Chocolate Mug Brownie

Microwave chocolate mug cakes are fast, practical, and incredibly satisfying. And with a quick recipe redesign, they're now healthier too!


Zero-Carb Choc Chip Cookies

Would you believe these choco cookies are made with cauliflowers? So healthy! You won't believe how good they are until you try them.


Chocolate Mochi Truffles

What happens when you coat soft mochi balls with melted dark chocolate? You get the most delicious (and healthiest) truffles!

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Black Bean Brownies

These gooey brownies won't just satisfy your chocolate cravings but also load you up with proteins and fibres. All 100% plant-based.


3-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

You won't believe this chocolaty mousse has no cream, eggs, or butter. And not even an ounce of melted chocolate. Tap below and find out the secret!


Quinoa Chocolate Muffins

Here, we turned the classic chocolate muffins into a healthy, nutrient-dense, and vegan treat. Great for dieters, perfect for chocolate lovers!


Chai Hot Chocolate

This recipe combines the spicy punch of a chai latte with the indulgence of a hot chocolate. Stick to extra dark chocolate to keep the sugars low.


3-Layer Chocolate Smoothie

Smoothie with chocolate? Oh yes, and it's lip-smacking good. Layer it with banana and strawberry for a feast of colours and flavours!

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