9 Creative Ways to Eat More Beans

Beans are so cheap and insanely nutritious. And adding them to your diet can be quite fun too. Discover 9 creative ways to use them in recipes!


Try Lentil Pancakes

Did you know you can use soaked beans to make a high-protein pancake batter? Try our easy recipe with red lentils!


Cook with Lentil Pasta

Pasta made with red lentils is not just gluten-free but also high-protein. So, get a packet and let's make a healthy pasta salad like this one!


"Beanify" Your Bakes

Beans for baking? They work wonders in creamy fillings and gooey treats like brownies. See them in action in these chocolaty beauties!

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Make Bean Ice Cream

And after bean brownies, why not try these beany ice pops? Made with creamy yellow mung beans and coconut milk. So unique!


Simmer in Oatmeal

Stir creamy beans into your porridge for extra goodness. This fun recipe with moong dal, mango, and cashews will surprise you!


Go for Bean Burgers

Beans are perfect in vegan patties. Mash them with veggies and seasonings, and assemble a glorious burger like this one!


Roll into Falafels

Like bean burgers? Make some falafels next. Use the classic chickpeas or spice things up with black beans or mung beans. Fun and tasty!


Pack into Pastries

Stuff pastry pockets with a delicious mix of beans, veggies, and seasonings. Need some inspiration? Start with this Thai-style filling!


Swap to Bean Nuggets

Use beans to make a plant-based alternative to nuggets, like these ones. They're crispy outside, soft inside, and laden with proteins!

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