7 Creative Ways to Eat Your Greens

Struggling to get your daily greens? Here are 7 creative recipes that will make eating these nutrient-packed veggies so easy and fun!


The Easiest Green Smoothie

If you find eating greens hard, then drink them! Whizz spinach with apples, yoghurt, and oats into a smoothie. It can't get easier than this!


Greens-Stuffed Dumplings

You can hide lots of leafy greens in delicious steamed dumplings like these ones. You'll eat more veggies without even seeing them!


Crispy Kale Chips

If you like nibbling on chips, how about trying baked kale crisps? Roasting kale leaves turns them amazingly crispy and so flavourful!

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Spinach Lentil Nuggets

These veggie bites don't just come with greens but also lots of proteins thanks to lentils and tofu. Pair them with your favourite dip!


Green-Goodness Pesto Pasta

Ever tried making pesto with leafy greens like spinach or kale? A brilliant alternative to classic basil. Try it out in this delicious pasta recipe!


Savoury Spinach Pesto Muffins

And now that you have some pesto at hand, why not use it in these savoury vegan muffins? They will surprise you!


Spinach Artichoke Dip

Make a satisfying dip with fresh spinach, creamy beans, and rich tahini. Bake it in the oven for a crusty finish and enjoy it piping hot!

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