7 Creative Ways to Use Cashews in Healthy Vegan Recipes


Vegan Cashew Mayo

Use cashew nuts to whizz a velvety vegan mayo and you'll cut down on fats and calories — no oil or eggs needed.


Cashew Crumble

Swap cheese and butter with toasted cashews to make a crunchy crumble topping for your casseroles. The whole family will love it!


Beet & Cashew Risotto

Want to prepare the creamiest risotto without using cheese? Then, try our velvety cashew cream, ready in 5 minutes. So good!

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Cashew Granola Bars

Use cashew butter to make these uber-healthy granola bars and top them with passion fruit curd. Simply irresistible!


Homemade Cashew Cheese

Did you know you can prepare homemade vegan cheese with cashew nuts? It's super easy and much healthier than those store-bough cheese alternatives!


Maple-Roasted Cashews

Slow-roast cashews with a drizzle of maple syrup to make a satisfying nibble. Perfect as an energy snack to enjoy on the go!


Cashew Granola

Swap that super processed granola with this wholesome alternative. No added sugars or oils, yet just as crunchy and delicious.

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