12 Dreamy Dairy-Free Desserts


Tropical Ice Cream

Make a creamy tropical ice cream using nothing but coconut milk and your favourite exotic fruit. Here, we used sweet jackfruit, but mangos and bananas work great too.


Almond Rose Pudding

Plant-based milk is the go-to choice for this dairy-free pudding. Thicken it with a little starch and flavour it with floral, delicate rose essence. Simple yet elegant.


Mango Cream Pancakes

We took the famous Hong Kong-style pancakes and turned them dairy-free — and egg-free too. They're sweet, creamy, and pillowy. So good!


Chocolate Biscoff Cake

You won't believe this chocolaty cake has no butter, milk, or whipped cream. The secret? Biscoff spread and applesauce. Swipe up and give it a go!

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Blue Cheesecake

Cheesecake without cream cheese. Sounds impossible? Not when you have miraculous silken tofu. Same creamy mouthfeel, yet not an ounce of lactose. Don't miss it!


Silky Chocolate Mousse

Here's another way you can use silken tofu in dairy-free desserts. And no worries, you won't even taste the tofu in this chocolaty pudding. Give it a go!


Pistachio Cannoli

Cannoli are an Italian favourite. Skip the classic ricotta and use soaked pistachios for the filling. Nutty, colourful, and totally dairy-free. Super!


Coffee Flan

This fancy dessert is actually a breeze to make. A dreamy pudding infused with energising coffee. Put it together in 10 min, then let the fridge take care of the rest.


Mango Creme Brulee

Swap the classic eggs and double cream with mango and coconut milk. A fully vegan makeover, and even tastier than the original French recipe.


Chocolate Tart

How do you make a heavenly chocolate pie without butter, milk, or whipped cream? Swipe up and let us show you how!


Crusty Apple Pie

There's nothing as cosy as a warm slice of apple pie. And if butter can't be on your ingredients list, don't worry. You won't need any in our dairy-free recipe!


Apple Strudel

Let's finish with another beloved apple dessert. The glorious strudel. Make the crust with oats, almond flour, and oil for a tasty and flaky finish. No need for butter!

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