8 Delicious Curry Recipe Ideas For Curry Night

Fancy a curry tonight? Look no further. We've got 8 delicious recipe ideas for you: healthy and satisfying curries from around the world you can make in 30 minutes!


Thai Green Coconut Curry

Let's start with this classic Thai recipe: a hearty curry with coconut milk, green mung beans, and lime leaves. It's spicy, fresh, and aromatic. Try it and you'll love it!


Prawn Sweet Potato Curry

Next is this rich seafood curry, a fun Jamaican-Thai fusion recipe! Simmer sweet potatoes and juicy prawns in coconut broth and serve with plenty of coriander. Simply divine!


Indian Tikka Masala Curry

Now, time for a beloved classic: Indian tikka masala. Check out our vegan spin with young jackfruit, a cheap tropical fruit you can easily find canned. Looks just like chicken, right?!

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Kerala-Style Mushroom Curry

This Indian curry dish may be less well-known, but it's just as delicious! Coconut milk, mustard and fenugreek seeds are in full Kerala style, while mushrooms are our "meaty" add-on. Try it!


Caribbean Prawn Banana Curry

Ever tried curries with fruit? Oh my, so good! This tropical recipe uses plantains, AKA cooking bananas, but you can make it with regular bananas too. Easy to find and sweeter!


Pineapple Pachadi Curry

And after bananas, how about pineapples? This exciting Southern Indian curry will surprise you: sweet and tangy pineapple chunks simmered in a coconutty, curried broth. So good!


Ethiopian Split Pea Curry

This world-famous Ethiopian dish is also known as "kik alicha". A deliciously creamy and aromatic curry made with blended split peas and berbere seasoning. Swipe up and try it!


Japanese Katsu Curry

Here's the ultimate Japanese comfort dish. What makes it so good? The sauce. It's thick and glossy, sweet and savoury. Have it with rice and panko-baked chicken, tofu, or veggies!

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