6 Delicious Desserts Made with Tofu

Did you know you can use tofu to replace dairy and eggs in many sweets, bakes, and desserts? Discover how in these 6 delicious and easy recipes!


Chocolate Mousse

This low-fat chocolatey mousse is made with just 3 healthy ingredients — no cream, no eggs, no added sugar. How did we do it? Tap below and find out!


Coffee Flan

Here's another fabulous dessert with tofu that's as quick to make as good for you. And that delicious caramel with dates and coffee? Oh my, you'll love it!

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Pistachio Cannoli

For a dairy-free alternative to Italian cannoli, swap the classic ricotta with tofu and whizz it with soaked pistachios. Easy and tasty. Give it a go!


Wholesome Chocolate Pie

This nutty and oaty pie crust holds a super silky chocolate filling made with just silken tofu, sweet potatoes, and dates. The healthiest chocolate pie ever. Period.


Low-Carb Lemon Cake

Wondering if vegan and keto baking is possible? Sure! Tofu, almonds, flaxseeds, and erythritol win the challenge with a bang. Tap below and try it!


Chia Pudding

Tofu boosts this chia pudding with lots of plant-based proteins. Layer it with nuts and fruit for a lovely parfait that's perfect as a dessert or indulgent breakfast.

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