7 Delicious Homemade Energy Bars


Purple Ube Bars

Crunchy puffed rice and creamy ube spread come together into a brilliant energy bar —perfect when you need a small treat!


Raisin Hazelnut Rice Bars

Made with brown rice puffs, nut butter, and crunchy hazelnuts, these wholesome bars are great for a slow and steady energy release.


Passion Fruit Bars

Top these nutritious granola bars with our homemade passion fruit curd for an irresistible tropical twist. You'll love them!

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Sugar-Free Banana Flapjacks

Classic flapjacks just got a healthy makeover with our plant-based and sugar-free recipe. Make a big batch for the whole week!


Matcha & Goji Bars

When you need a real energy kick, these green tea bars will deliver. Tip in superfood Goji berries for a pop of colour and extra goodness!


Tahini Apricot Bars

If you can't have nuts, sesame paste is a nutritious alternative to nut butter in bars. Here, we paired it with sweet and chewy apricots!


Gooey Chocolate Date Bars

These irresistible bars are ultra-gooey and chocolaty, and yet they pack a fourth your daily fibres and proteins. Super!

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