7 Delicious Ways to Use Passion Fruit

Summer Delight

Nothing says summer more than a fresh and juicy passion fruit! So, let's make the most out of this exotic fruit with 7 delicious recipes, from drinks to desserts!

How To Use Passion Fruit

But first, how do you use passion fruit in recipes? Start by getting the ripest fruit — purplish skin and a little wrinkled. Then, halve it and scoop out the pulp. Easy!

And what about those seeds? They're actually edible and nutritious too! But may not go well in some recipe recipes. So, if you need, strain the pulp and collect the juice.


Passion Fruit Curd

Ok now, it's time to prepare something delicious! How about this silky and exotic custard? Perfect for filling tarts, pastries, and crepes. Find the recipe below!

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Passion Fruit Bars

That passion fruit curd is perfect in these tropical oat bars. We love them. And we think you'll love them too! A sweet treat that works both as a dessert and a healthy snack!


Jackfruit Passion Fruit Smoothie

If you're looking for a super easy way to use passion fruit, this smoothie is spot on. Whizz the pulp with yellow jackfruit into a fabulous tropical drink, and feel the sunshine!


Mango Passion Fruit Smoothie

Can't get yellow jackfruit? Then use juicy mangoes instead. Just as tasty! And for even more exotic goodness, tip in some fresh guava. This smoothie tastes just like the tropics!


Passion Fruit Bubble Tea

A summer favourite from Taiwan, bubble tea is so trendy right now. So, why not try a fun twist with passion fruit juice and coconut milk? Fruity and exotic — you'll love it!


Iced Passion Fruit Tea

Got no bubbles for bubble tea? No problem! This iced passion fruit tea is so delicious even on its own. We made it with green tea instead of black to keep it light and colourful!


Passion Fruit Corn Porridge

This spiced cornmeal porridge is inspired by the classic Jamaican breakfast. But with a few tropical add-ons: passion fruit, mango, and crunchy cashews. Don't miss it!

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