1-Day Diet Plan to Fire Up Your Metabolism

Metabolism-Boosting Diet

If you want to rev up your metabolism, add more proteins and fibres to your diet, plus special foods like chillies, ginger, and green tea!

1-Day Meal Plan

Not sure how to get started? Try this one-day diet plan with 6 easy recipes that'll fire up your metabolism. Let's jump right into it!


Chia Protein Pudding

Have this fruity chia pot for breakfast. It bursts with proteins which fill you for hours and speed up metabolism!


Matcha Boost Smoothie

For your morning break, sip this green smoothie made with fat-burning green tea matcha powder. Healthy and energising too!

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan


Edamame Buddha Bowl

High-fibre foods like grains and beans increase fat metabolism and keep you full. So put them together into this glorious lunch bowl!


3-Seed Power Cookies

If you're craving a treat in the afternoon, nibble on these crunchy cookies. Made with a special combo of high-protein seeds!


Chilli Lentil Curry

Fancy a spicy Indian dish for dinner? Perfect! This hearty curry comes with two awesome metabolism boosters: chillies and lentils.


Fat-Burning Ginger Water

And finally, a refreshing lemon water infused with cucumber and fat-burning ginger. Sip it during the day to reap all its benefits!

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