3 Diet Tweaks for a Healthy Gut

What Makes a Healthy Gut?

Your gut is happy when it has the right balance of friendly bacteria: they're essential for a better mood, strong immunity, healthy heart and brain.

3 Simple Diet Tweaks

Exercising and reducing stress are some ways to improve gut health. But following these 3 diet tips is sure to make a big difference!


Stock on Prebiotics

Prebiotics are fibres that feed the good bacteria in your gut helping them flourish. You find them in whole grains, beans, fruit, and vegetables!

Recipe Idea #1

So, plan your meals around plant-based foods to boost gut health. This gut-loving buddha bowl is a great recipe idea to get started!

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Add Antioxidants

Another thing your gut needs to heal and thrive is antioxidants. Think greens and berries, but also dark chocolate and green tea!

Recipe Idea #2

Here is a super easy way to get your antioxidant fix: whizz kale, raspberries, and beets into a super-smoothie your gut will love!


Sneak in Probiotics

Fermented foods like yogurt, kimchi, and tempeh help replenish the pool of beneficial bacteria in your gut, restoring balance.

Recipe Idea #3

So, get a pot of natural yogurt, even a plant-based one, and let's make the ultimate gut-healthy chia pudding!

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