Ditch Store-Bought Jams and Do This Instead

Big on sugar, little on fibres

Typical store-bought jams have as much refined sugar as fruit, and very few fibres. Healthy sugar-free jams are the opposite, and they are so easy to make.

Say no to that

Here’s what you’ll gain by ditching store-bought jams and making them yourself.

Heart, Brain, Teeth

Ditch excess sugars and keep blood sugar levels low. Your heart will be healthier, you’ll improve memory and focus, and your teeth will be stronger against decay.

Flat belly

By eating more fibres, you slow down the digestion of nutrients, including sugars. This keeps hunger pangs at bay and keeps your body from storing the excess energy as fat.

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A better way.

Here are three healthy sugar-free jam recipes you can try right now. They’re fibre-rich, have no added sugar at all, and taste wonderful.

Orange Marmalade

Like orange marmalade? We adapted the classic recipe to work with any type of orange and without sugar.

Mango Jam

Fancy a spread of tropics on your toast? Try our sugar-free mango jam! Made only with ripe mangoes and one apple.

Plum Jam

And here's another jam that needs no added sugars at all. Choose between sweet or sour plum varieties according to taste — but wait till they're ripe!

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