Is It True That Fibres Have No Calories?

Do Fibres Have Calories?

We’ve always been told that fibres are carbs your body can’t digest and thus have no calories. Is this really true? Let’s find out!

Gut Bacteria Can Digest Fibres

While it’s true that you can’t digest fibres, friendly bacteria in your gut actually can. And what they like the most are soluble fibres!

Fermented Fibres Have Calories

Forming a gel in water, soluble fibres are fermented by gut bacteria into short-chain fatty acids, a fat component that, yes, has calories!

How Many Calories?

But wait, don’t panic! One gram of fermented soluble fibre provides as little as 2 calories — much less than fats or carbs.

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Tally Up to Very Few Calories

And because not all the fibres you eat get fermented, you wouldn’t get more than 20 calories in a day from them. Not a big deal!

No Sugar-Spiking Calories

Plus, calories from fermented fibres don’t raise blood sugars. Instead, soluble fibres actually do the opposite: they lower blood sugars!

Still as Healthy as Ever

So, even if they have a few calories, fibres won’t derail your diet. And they’re incredibly good for your health!

Recipe Idea #1

For example, a creamy bircher muesli with oats and apples is great for weight loss and a healthy gut. So, why not try it today?

Recipe Idea #2

And what about this easy quinoa bowl with black beans? It's bursting with heart-healthy, cholesterol-lowering fibres!

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