Do You Need Vitamin C to Absorb Iron?

Vitamin C & Iron

You may have heard you need vitamin C to absorb iron. Is it true? And why is that? Let’s find out!

Absorption Booster

Vitamin C is not essential to iron absorption. But, it helps you get more iron from food, especially plant sources, preventing deficiencies.

Helpful to Some People

So, if you have low iron levels or eat little or no meat, you should start pairing iron-rich foods with vitamin C.

How Does Vitamin C Boost Iron?

Vitamin C captures and protects iron, makes it more soluble, and creates the right environment for better absorption.

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Vitamin C and Iron Pairing

So, vitamin C and iron must go together in the same meal to work. Next are three pairing tips for you!

Pairing Tip #1

At breakfast, top your oatmeal with strawberries and kiwi or have an orange alongside fortified cereals.

Pairing Tip #2

Add a cup of leafy greens like kale or spinach to bean dishes for the perfect iron-vitamin C combo.

Pairing Tip #3

And when you make a nice tofu stir-fry, tip in some bell peppers or crunchy broccoli!

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