7 Easy Kale Recipes for a Blast of Nutrients

Discover 7 easy and delicious ways of preparing kale, one of the most nutrient-dense foods on Earth.


Spicy Kale Edamame Salad

Did you know you could eat kale raw? The secret is massaging the leaves with a little lemon juice until softened. Give it a go in this high-protein salad bowl, perfect for your lunch box.


Beet and Kale Smoothie

Whizz fresh kale into a glorious smoothie and start the day right. And for even more antioxidants, add in some beets as we did in this 5-minute smoothie. Try it!


Kale Pumpkin Soup

Add shredded kale to soups and stews for a pop of colour and a blast of nutrients. Here, we paired it with pumpkin, barley, and brown chickpeas for a comforting autumn dish.

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Kale Hummus Pasta

Sauteed kale is the perfect add-in for your next pasta bowl. Try it in our creamy pasta sauce with hummus, kalamata olives, and lemon zest — so good!


Butter Bean Velouté with Kale Pesto

Whizz kale into a flavourful pesto and use it to garnish this creamy white soup. Tasty, nutritious, and ready in 30 minutes, it's the perfect recipe for a quick dinner fix.


Moroccan Kale Bowl

Here's another wonderful kale salad bowl we're sure you'll love. Drizzle it with our Moroccan paprika dressing and top it with roasted pistachios for a crunchy finish. Oh my!


Kale Crisps

If you've never tried baked crispy kale before, you've missed the tastiest way of preparing this leafy green. But no worries, tap below and discover how to make them now!

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