7 Easy Vegan Japanese Recipes You Must Try


Vegan Ebi Mayo

If Japanese ebi tempura without prawns seems impossible, wait till you try our vegan recipe. Tap below and discover our secret ingredient!


Vegan Tofu Karaage

Try our plant-based spin of the famous Japanese starter, made with cubed tofu instead of chicken. Follow the recipe for a perfectly crispy karaage!


Vegan Crunchy California Rolls

A crispy panko coating takes these sushi rolls to next-level goodness. Now plant-based with our vegan tofu mayo mix. Easy and delicious!

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Japanese Garlic Fried Rice

This fragrant stir-fry with sticky rice is a delicious vegan one-pot dish everyone will love. Top it with crispy garlic slices for a delicious finish!


Kabocha Korokke

Use starchy Japanese kabocha pumpkin to make these mouthwatering vegan croquettes. Baked and not fried, they're also low in fats and calories!


Silken Tofu and Corn Soup

Brighten up your day with this Japanese yellow corn soup, simple yet delicious. Check our recipe tips to make it super silky!


Baked Tofu Teriyaki

Teriyaki sauce is the bee's knees. Make it from scratch with our plant-based ingredients and use it in this baked tofu recipe!

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