8 Easy Ways to Add Flaxseeds to Your Diet


Pumpkin Croquettes

Use ground flaxseeds for a healthy coating in nuggets, croquettes, and breaded veggies. Try them in these pumpkin nibbles!


Egg-Free Lamingtons

Make a vegan flax-egg with flaxseeds and water and use it in all your favourite bakes. Put it into action in these spongy cake bites!


Flax & Cashew Granola

Add flaxseeds to homemade granola for a boost of fibres, plant-based proteins, and omega-3 — and start the day right!


Sugar-Free Cherry Jam

Flaxseeds work as a wonderful thickener for homemade jam, so you can cut back on those nasty sugars. Find out how to use them below!

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Spiced Bean Burger

Add flaxseeds to veggie burgers to help bind the ingredients and stock up on precious nutrients. Try them in these mung bean patties!


Overnight Porridge

Rich in soluble fibres, flaxseeds will leave you full for hours. Soak them overnight with oats or buckwheat for a healthy morning porridge!


High-Fibre Crackers

Prepare a big batch of this flaxseed crackers, perfect as a healthy nibble with guacamole or hummus. Easy to make and super crunchy!


Power Smoothie

Whizz a uber-healthy breakfast smoothie with kale, raspberries, yogurt, and flaxseeds. It's low in carbs, high in proteins, and utterly delicious!

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