6 Effective Tips to Balance Hunger Hormones

Stop Hunger, Feel Full

Returning your hunger hormones to their optimal levels can help you fight cravings, improve metabolism, and lose weight.

6 Steps To Improve Hormones

Besides exercising and sleeping more, here are 6 easy tips you can follow to improve your hormones and feel at your best!


Stock Up on Fibres

Fibres work wonders against hunger and cravings. And even a quick (and delicious) pasta dish like this one can pack tons of them!


Eat More Proteins

Proteins are super satiating, helping hunger hormones go back into balance. So, get your protein fix with this mighty buddha bowl!

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Care for Your Gut

Your gut plays a big role in how hungry or full your feel. So, keep it happy with lots of gut-loving foods like this yogurt almond oatmeal!


Minimize Sugars

Sugary foods quickly send your hunger hormones out of control. So, have this low-sugar berry pudding when you crave a treat!


Go Wholegrain

And it's not just sugar, refined grains are also bad for your hormones. So, switch to wholesome options like barley in a hearty stew!


Choose Fats Wisely

And finally, choose healthy fats over saturated fats. For example, fill this lunch sandwich with mashed avocado instead of egg mayo!

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