3 Easy Hacks to Increase Iron Intake

How to Boost Iron Intake

Did you know some foods can hinder or enhance iron absorption in your body? Here are 3 effective tips to maximise your iron intake!


Get Rid of Anti-Nutrients

Soaking, rinsing, and properly cooking whole grains and legumes remove anti-nutrients like phytates, helping you absorb more iron!

Recipe Idea #1

So, next time you make delicious falafels like these, remember to prep your beans properly—and grab our recipe for handy tips!


Wait for Tea or Coffee

Tea and coffee are rich in beneficial antioxidants, but they can inhibit iron intake. So, wait a few hours after your meal before having a cuppa!

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Pair Foods Smartly

Couple iron-rich meals with foods that contain iron-absorption boosters like amino acid lysine and vitamins A and C.

Recipe Idea #2

For example, round up this chickpea stew with kale, pumpkin, and roasted peanuts to get your full share of iron!

Recipe Idea #3

Or fill these lentil nuggets with tofu and spinach for a nice iron boost. They’re so nutritious and deliciously crunchy!

Recipe Idea #4

And for your next stir-fry, pair seared tofu with fresh red peppers and cashews. You’ll love it, and your body will love it too!

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