7 Energy-Boosting Smoothies


Beet Yogurt Smoothie

Want an energy smoothie that's also low in sugar? This one packs proteins and healthy fats to curb hunger and provide a slow stream of energy.


Peanut Cinnamon Smoothie

Inspired by the famous Jamaican peanut punch, this energy-packed smoothie will fuel your morning with taste thanks to peanuts and oats.


Mango Oat Smoothie

Complex carbs from oats and complete proteins from soy milk will keep you satisfied for hours without energy crashes. Add mango for a tropical finish!

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Raspberry Chia Smoothie

A glass of this pink smoothie delivers half of your daily fibres. This means you'll get a steady energy release that'll keep you up and running all morning long.


Layered Strawberry Smoothie

This fun smoothie is both filling and satisfying. All thanks to our awesome combo of chocolate, oats, strawberries, and bananas. Try it out!


Blueberry Tofu Smoothie

Need to recharge after a workout? This energy smoothie with silken tofu and almond butter comes to the rescue — don't miss it!


Apple Almond Smoothie

Oats boost this green smoothie with complex carbs. They'll keep cravings at bay and sustain your energy levels for longer. Super!

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