6 Festive Party Treats with Chocolate

Hosting a dinner party? Here are 6 chocolaty sweet treats and mini desserts to indulge and delight your guests!


Brownies in a Cup

Use one small coffee cup per guest to bake this chocolaty dessert. It's so cute and practical — and of course, delicious!


Biscoff Chocolate Truffles

These chocolaty bites hold a mix of biscoff crunchy cookies and creamy spread. And they're a breeze to make — snatch the recipe below!

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Biscoff Chocolate Cake

And with leftover biscoff spread, make this glorious cake. Portion it into squares, frost, and top with a biscoff cookie. Yum!


Date Chocolate Mousse

Dates give this silky mousse a lovely caramelised finish. Serve it in individual pots and top it with frozen berries. Brilliant!


Chocolate-Coated Lamingtons

Your guests will be all over this Aussie treat: cubes of almond cake with chocolate and coconut coating. Make a big batch!


Almond Jaffa Cakes

Made with almond flour, orange jam, and dark chocolate, this homemade version of the classic British treat is a party-perfect morsel!

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