8 Filling Yet Low-calorie Foods for Weight Loss


Best Foods For Weight Loss

Foods that contain a lot of water, fibres, and proteins are filling yet low in calories. They help you lose weight without going hungry. Here are 8 of the best!

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High in proteins and packed with fibres, oats are one of the most satiating foods, yet relatively low in calories. Opt for steel-cut oats or oat groats for max benefits!

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Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are amazing for weight loss. They contain water and fibres, but very few sugars. Great for keeping cravings at bay!

Recipe Idea #1

Oats and berries are the best combo for a healthy filling breakfast — and they're so delicious together. See them in action in this fruity porridge recipe!



Unsweetened low-fat yogurt has tons of proteins but few calories. It's filling and deeply satisfying. Great with berries and oats!



Apples are rich in satiating fibres, especially if you have them with the peel on. So, ditch those sugar-loaded juices, and snack on a crunchy apple instead!

Recipe Idea #2

Bircher muesli is a fabulous weight-loss breakfast, made with grated apples, yogurt, and oats. All super filling, low-calorie foods. Swipe up and make it today!



Legumes are simply amazing for weight loss. With lots of proteins and a blast of fibres, they slow down digestion and make you feel full for hours.

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You might not know it, but a humble baked potato has about 100 calories. Yet it's super filling — even more if you also eat the fibre-rich peel.

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Recipe Idea #3

Delicious and satiating, this Lebanese potato chickpea salad will take you just 15 minutes to make. Great for your weekly meal-prepping!



Leafy greens like kale are bulky and filled with water. So you can have a larger portion and yet consume very few calories. Awesome!



Dieters are all over cauliflowers these days. And for a reason. This cool veggie has minimum calories but it's sure to load you up on fibres. Perfect hunger-curbing food!

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Recipe Idea #4

Cauliflower "rice", curly kale, and spiced chickpeas make this Moroccan-style salad one of the best low-calorie yet filling meal ever. Don't miss it!

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